The Run as One Singapore offers a new race experience in 2022 so we understand you may have some questions.

If you are a beginner and are looking for general questions about how to prepare for and fantastically finish your race, go to our dedicated First-Timers Guide.

For other questions please take a look at our event specific information below.



How to register?

To register, click here.

How will I know if my registration for Run as One Singapore 2022 is successful?

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration.

You will need to download the myRaceGate App, login with the email used during registration and the Booking Reference Number sent to you. 

Further, we have weekly Virtual Trainings available to help you prepare for your run. You will also use your myRaceGate App and the abovementioned credentials, to avail of the training program.

What are the race categories and who is eligible?

  • The 13.5km Run is open to any individual who is 14 years old and above as of 30 June 2022.
  • The 5.75km Run is open to any individual who is 10 years old and above as of 30 June 2022*. Runners aged between 10-15 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult during the run.
    *Note: Some younger runners may be able to satisfactorily complete the respective run distances. However, the minimum ages are set with the intention of keeping young runners safe and healthy and provide them with a positive running experience. We hope this will encourage them to continue running.

Age restrictions are stated in the rules and regulations page.

  • Double category are for 14 years old and above who wants to run both 5.75km and 13.5km distances
  • Fantastic 4 is a team competition, composed of 4 individuals, each member will run the 5.75km distance
  • Team of 4 is a team competition, composed of 4 individuals, each member will run the 13.5km distance

If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19 do I get a refund?

In the event that the event gets cancelled because of new government measures in relation to COVID-19, MetaSport will refund 100% of the entry fees.

I am unable to race due to illness/injury. Can I get a refund?

Once the registration form has been processed, there are strictly no refunds for participants who, for whatever reason, eventually do not take part.

Can I transfer my entry to another athlete if I choose not to race?

No. Individual race entries are strictly non-transferable. Personal information such as age and gender are tagged to each unique participant and competing on behalf of the registered participant is not permitted.

The Event Organiser reserves the right to disqualify the participant’s entry  for race entries that have been transferred. The Organisers reserve the right to exclude both parties from future events.

For the Team competition, replacements are allowed subject to a SGD10 admin fee.

Can I make changes to my particulars after completing my registration?

Yes. You may change your address and phone number. You may login to your Registration account to make these changes. To do this, click here and enter your email address and booking reference number found in your confirmation email.

Can I change my race category after completing my registration?

No. Please ensure that you register in the correct race category.

When does the registration close?

Registration for the 2022 Run as One Singapore closes on 2 July 2022, 23:59.


How do I receive my runners’ entitlements?

Medals will be available for immediate collection after your race ends at the finish line.

If you have ordered an event t-shirt using your MetaMiles, you may collect it with your medal.

We will notify you when the virtual training programme is ready. Your e-certificate will be available for you to download from Monday, 4 July 2022.

When will the MyRaceGate app be ready to download?

You can download the MyRaceGate app any time.

You can start using the app during the Virtual Trainings.

Will there be a race briefing?

All race day information will be available on the event website, and emailed to you, at least one week prior to the race. It is the athlete’s responsibility to read the provided information, for questions, email customerservice@metasport.com.

Will I be allowed to change the size of my event t-shirt or singlet after I purchase it on the MetaSport shop?

Strictly no exchanges are allowed. All participants are advised to select sizing carefully using the size chart from the event website.

I have registered for the 13.5km + 5.75km combo. Do I have to run them on the same day?

No, you do not need to run them on the same day, but if you want to challenge yourself, you can run them on the same day. The most important thing is to record your runs separately using the MyRaceGate app.

How can I get to the start line?

The race start and finish is located at the Sports Hub, Stadium Riverside Walk. Click here to read more.


What if it rains on race day?

If it is a light rain, you can opt to run, if it is a heavy rain or a thunderstorm, you can move your schedule by going to the registration page, login with your email and confirmation email, go to Check my Registration to update the timing.

How do I make sure that I keep on track?

There will be no marshals on the course and no direction signs. The MyRaceGate app will be your guide from start to finish. Audio messages give you clear directions along the way and you can follow your progress on the map of the app. There are GPS checkpoints en-route that will be validated automatically as you pass them to ensure you complete the whole course.

How do I time my race?

Timing will be done through the MyRaceGate app. The timing starts after you press the start button on the app and the start countdown is completed. The timing stops automatically as you cross the finish line. We will send an email closer to race day how to download the app and how to use it to time your race.

Can I run the race with a friend or colleague?

Yes, you can run with friends or colleagues so long as your group does not consist of more than 10 runners.  Just ensure you book the same time slot in advance. Note that you must each track your run using your own device, and not share a device with anyone else.

May I know what is the cut-off time for the 5.75km / 13.5km run?

There are no cut-off times for any of the races. They just need to be completed within the event period, from 30 June to 3 July.

Can I play music while using the app?

Yes, the app has been configured to lower the sound of your music when one of the audio messages is being played. We recommend you wear headphones, so you can hear the direction messages clearly that guide you around the course.

Is there a bag deposit available?

There will not be any athlete services such as bag deposit, on-site awards presentation, or post-race massage. However, lockers are available at the Visitors Centre (at the entrance of Singapore Sports Museum).


What are the prizes available? When can we collect them?

  1. You can check out prize chart here  
  2. If you win a trophy we will contact you with the details for the trophy collection.

Do I receive a medal?

If you have opted for a medal during registration, you will be able to collect the medal at the finish line. 

If you have purchased an event t-shirt on the MetaSport Shop, you will have to collect it at the finish line along with your medal.

How do I upload my race data and time?

We will advise you closer to race day how to upload your race data using the MyRaceGate app.

Where can I find my results?

A provisional live leaderboard will be constantly updated during the 4-day race period. Official results will be posted on the Race Results page of our website by midnight on Monday 4 July 2022

Where do I collect my trophy?

Trophies will be available for collection at Key Power Sports, Paragon Shopping Centre on 9 July 2022 from 12PM to 7PM. Please contact customerservice@metasport.com if you are unable to collect it that day.


All runners will be able to download their e-certificate from Monday 4 July 2022.


Why do I need to use the app?

The MyRaceGate app will track your run and enhance your race experience thanks to its unique in-app audio messaging. When you’ve tracked your run through the racing app, we will validate and publish your time in the official results online .

Do I need to carry my smartphone?

Yes – you need it because the MyRaceGate app is the official way to track your run. As well as recording your run and instantly capturing your result, the app features exclusive audio updates at regular intervals to boost your morale every kilometer. Running with your smartphone also means you will be able to call someone if you need to.

How do I log into the app?

Open the MyRaceGate app and enter the email used for registration and the booking reference number received in the confirmation email. Resend your confirmation email here

I haven’t received my email with app log-in details. What should I do?

You can resend your confirmation email here

How do I set up GPS tracking?

Ensure mobile data is switched on and that you have given the MyRaceGate app permission to use your location in your phone settings. You will be prompted to enable location services by the app during the set-up process. If you are using iOS 14, make sure you allow precise location.

What is the in-app audio experience?

We have included a motivating audio commentary to direct you around the course for your ease and safety.  It will also enhance your race experience and let you know how far you have run, and how you are doing compared to your target time.

Can I turn the audio experience off?

No, the directional messaging is compulsory.

Can I do a practice run with the MyRaceGate app before race day?

Yes. The virtual training sessions that we have lined up for you, allow your to familiarise yourself with the app. You won’t be able to use the race app before starting your race during the time slot you have booked.

Can I pause my run?

You cannot pause your run once you have started (ie. if you stop to take a photo, use the bathroom, tie your shoelaces). The timer will continue running just like in a normal race!

What time can I start the event?

You can start your race at the day and time that you booked as your racing time slot.

Can I change my racing time slot?

Yes, you can log back into your registration and change your racing time slot any time, to another time slot that has availability.

Can I pause my run once I’ve started?

You cannot pause your run once you have started (if you stop to take a photo, use the bathroom, tie your shoelaces). The timer will continue running just like in a normal race!

How will my official time be calculated?

Your official time will be the elapsed time recorded by the MyRaceGate app.

What’s the cut-off time for completing the Run As One Singapore?

There is no cut-off time.

How will I know when I have completed my race?

When you have completed your race, you will hear a congratulatory message and the Run As One Racing App will automatically stop tracking and record your time.

How should I set up my phone on race day?

Ensure location settings for the app are set to “always”. Make sure mobile data is switched on, and switch off your WIFI during the event. Make sure your smartphone battery is fully charged and not in low power mode. Check your settings for the App to ensure it is running in the background with full power. To preserve energy in your phone, do not have other apps or browsers open. Make sure your phone plan also has ample data available.

What should I do if I can’t login to the app?

Please allow yourself plenty of time to login before race day. To login use the email used for registration and booking reference number received in the confirmation email. You can resend your confirmation email here.

How can I preserve my phone’s battery life while using the app?

While using the MyRaceGate app, turn off Wi-Fi and only have Bluetooth on if you’re using wireless headphones. Avoid taking or making a call while you’re running, and avoid running other apps open unless you are also tracking your run using Strava or RunKeeper (or similar). Important – please do not put your phone in low power mode as the app will not be able to track your distance. Check your mobile data usage settings for the app to ensure it is running in the background with full power. Do not shut down the app by pressing the arrow button in the top left corner while it is tracking your race or the data will be lost.

What if it’s pouring rain during the time slot I selected?

If you haven’t left home yet and you don’t want to run in the rain then cancel your initial booking time, and book a new time slot. If you’re already at the venue then take shelter and wait for the rain to clear!